Chris Hartenstein is husband to an incredible wife (Ruth), and proud father of 8 children (Robert, Linsley, Judah, Jared, Seth, Gabbi, Isabel and Joe). As a husband, father, teacher, small business owner and youth group worker – Chris has a passion for sharing the redemptive work of Christ with others and helping them find freedom and healing while they discover God’s heart and their own.  Since graduation from college Chris has worked with young men ages 12 – 18, both in and out of the church as well as raising his 5 sons and 3 daughters (which is way harder).  During those years, and through the personal struggles associated with raising a family in post-christian America,  his passion has been nurtured by the Father and grown to help young men find true intimacy with God their Father (Identity) and help discover what God has called them to do with their lives (Mission and Code).  God has revealed, while helping young men and their fathers, the ever widening gap in their relationships and also the lack of understanding what it means to be  a “real man”.   All of  this has been a major driver in the formation of The New Frontier and its content!

Chris graduated from Cedarville College (now a university, time does fly by!)  with a degree in Marketing and Management.  Since 1996 he has been the CEO and President of Hartco, Inc.  As a small business owner he has been passionate about using “the marketplace for ministry” and integrating Biblical principles into every area of the business.  Owning a small business has allowed him to pursue his passion and has lead to the formation of The New Frontier Ministries.   Chris loves to read and has learned much from such men as, his dad, John Eldridge, C.S. Lewis, George McDonald, Oswald Chambers, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and others but last and not least Jesus. 

We are some everyday guys who are experiencing the deep love of God and a passion for sharing His love with others. God has laid a burden and passion in our hearts to help fathers and sons connect in a real and intimate way with the Heavenly Father through His creation and Word.