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      In 2018, eighty-two men traveled to Stevensville, Montana to talk about what it means to be a man according to biblical truth. All the while, doing service projects, white water rafting, solitude, and building relationships with other men on the same journey. In addition to the weeks spent in Montana, the men are discipled and given access to post-trip videos to continue the journey of “living as a son” at home. The New Frontier content was also translated past just men’s ministry into the first ever New Frontier women’s week! With the belief that the journey of identity is equally crucial for women.  

       In 2019, we hope to provide more housing for staff, discipleship videos, effective production content, and ultimately provide the fund to fuel more life change in the lives of father and sons, men and women. Please consider giving a donation, and join our team in prayer for this upcoming year. We sincerely believe our Heavenly Dad has plans for a lot of life change in the hearts of men and women through The New Frontier Ministries. This can only happen with the generosity and prayers of all of you.

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