God created us to be in unhindered relationship with Him while reflecting his character and qualities. As GK Chesterton put it: “We were statues of God walking around in a Garden.” If we could only grasp the implications of being created in the image of God, how much different would we approach life? How much different would we view and handle our hearts? Once we realize there is an original glory created in each of us that God is restoring, and understand the implications of being his adopted sons, we can begin walking in true freedom and identity.


Where We Are Now

Because of the Fall, we find ourselves struggling to know who we are, like seeing our image in a shattered mirror.  We know there is an image but there is little to no clarity.  We assume that this is “just the way things are” and that clarity is unattainable.  This is the lie that we feel we must believe.  Because of this belief, we then spend our lives creating an “image”.  This image is not who we really are and we feel that tension within.  The image we create is usually, in our minds, controllable, safe and acceptable to others.  We define who we are, what makes us special or significant.  We manage how we look, what others see, and who they believe we are.  This image we create even drives what we do and how we spend our time, money and talents.  This image we create is exhausting to maintain and leaves us empty, dissatisfied and disillusioned.  Life and love are always conditional on our ability to keep the “false self” alive.  All of this leads us to live a life that is “less than what it was created to be,” a lesser story.  


What God Wants To Do For Us

Here is the best news of all…God has a master plan…one he has executed and continues to bring to fulfillment. God wants to restore us wholly (heal us) and make us holy (set apart for His use) . He wants to make all things new!  As His adopted sons, he bestows on us our “true identity”.   We no longer have to guess about who we are, the reflection in the mirror is now clear and true!  We can  live free of bondage to a “self created image” that constrains our hearts.  As His heirs we have authority and power to bring His Kingdom to earth and live in freedom from our true hearts.  Christ has paid our ransom, He served the sentence for which we were convicted. And even more, He wants to restore us back to who we were created to be, to our original glory.  We now have a clear understanding of “true north” and can live in God’s greater story.


What Response Does God Desire

Initially, he desires a “child like faith” in what seems almost unbelievable!  Although belief in God’s truth and restoration are essential it is only the first step in the journey to obtain clarity and freedom and receive our true identity.   The journey also includes Jesus call to follow Him.  We will need to learn to discern and hear his voice and with both “wisdom and revelation” follow him in obedience.  This is where “intimately walking with our Father” is such a great adventure!  Like clay in the potters masterful hands we must be moldable and shapable to His vision trusting that as he shapes and nurtures us we will look more and more like Him. This is God’s ageless love story.