God originally intended for us to be whole, holy, and without any separation from Him.  This original way of “living in communion” with our Father, we call “the Code.”  It is not about “rules and regulations” but about intimacy, oneness and fellowship…it’s about relationship with our Heavenly Dad!  God desires that we live non-compartmentalized, fully integrated lives that completely reflect His glory and character. God’s vision is that we would live by “the Code,” in total freedom which undergirds, authenticates, and manifests true biblical Identity and Mission. 


Where We Are Now

We do what is needed, when it is needed to keep our lives moving in the direction we desire.  Many times we have some loose set of principles or values. Along life’s road we develop a “fractured code” from friends growing up, our dads, our boss at work, maybe our education and occasionally church or the Bible.  It’s the American Dream plus Jesus. The problem is that this is more of a coping mechanism or a way to deal with and control life.  There is nothing concrete or unchanging that we use to filter “how” we live every moment of our lives.  Today we rarely hear anyone speak of “Code.” Our culture, society as a whole, pervasive moral relativism, and Christian agnosticism all teach us to be self-seeking and independent. This ideology drives a bigger wedge between who we are and the realization of who God created us to be. This is not simply a secular issue; rather, the church has gradually given more and more ground to the enemy as we move further from the “Code” God intended. We are in a place where sacrificing integrity and honor for personal gain is commonplace, leaving a shallow, temporal and misguided legacy.  We are left confused and confounded as to why we cannot live “life to the fullest” and reflect the character of our Creator. What we need is an unchanging “Code” that provides a platform of intentionality and empowerment by the Holy Spirit. It is a very uncertain place we find ourselves and most certainly not the story or adventure God desires for us.


What God Wants To Do For Us

Jesus came to “make all things new” and that means he wants to make us whole and holy again…set apart for His work, HIS WAY! The “how” is just as important as the “what.”  God, through the power of his Spirit and with Christ as our ultimate example, shows us the ageless beauty, power and adventure of His “how.”  God solidifies our Identity and Mission through a life fully immersed in His Code. He wants to bring us to a point where we are who He says we are, living authentic and genuine lives of honor and integrity, reflecting His glory and character. God wants to fully align our thoughts, motives, and actions with our Identity and Mission through His Code.


What Response Does God Desire

Repentance, submission, obedience and faith.  These are words that can cause some internal tension. Simply put, God desires that, out of a deep love for Him, we submit to His Code.  Its not about rules and regulations but about intimacy and relationship, which leads to freedom, power and authority.  Our obedience draws us to our Father, deepens our intimacy, and hardwires His Code within our hearts.  Our lives then fully reflect His character and glory.